1. Deep Learning, STAT991 Fall 2019.
    Talk on “Hindsight Experience Replay”

  2. Reinforcement Learning, STAT991 Spring 2019.
    Talk on “Model-free learning and control using monte carlo and temporal difference methods”

  3. Model Predictive Control, ESE619 Spring 2019.
    Instructor for “Constrained finite time optimal control” with Manfred Morari

  4. Learning and Control, ESE680 Spring 2018
    Guest Lecturer for “Learning and control using Gaussian processes”

  5. Machine Learning, CIS520 Fall 2017
    Teaching Assistant with Shivani Agarwal and Lyle Ungar

  6. Introduction to Probability and Statistics, ENM503 Summer 2017.
    Teaching Assistant with Santosh Venkatesh

  7. Model Predictive Control, ESE619 Spring 2017
    Teaching Assistant with Manfred Morari

  8. Real-Time Embedded Systems, ESE519 Fall 2016-17
    Instructor for “Real-time control systems” with Rahul Mangharam